Australian Consulate-General
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Getting Married Overseas

Applying For A Certificate Of No Impediment To Marriage

If you are an Australian citizen or a citizen of another country domiciled in Australia who intends to get married in Vietnam, you are required to include a “Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage” (CNI) in your marriage application, which is submitted to Vietnamese authorities. It is the Vietnamese government that has the authority to solemnise marriages in Vietnam. You will still need to get married after you are issued a CNI. For marriages which will be registered in Southern Vietnam (all jurisdictions south of Da Nang), please complete with the following procedures:

  1. Visit, choose ‘Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage’ to book appointment online.
  2. Complete the form “Application for Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage”. All personal details of you and your partner must be provided.
    Incomplete forms will not be processed - However, DO NOT SIGN THE FORM
  3. Return to the Consulate with a completed, un-signed application form and original or certified true copies of supporting documents, including:
    1. For you:
      1. Australian passport or foreign passport with Australian permanent resident visa or Australian Birth Certificate;
      2. Divorce or Death certificate (if divorced or widowed);
      3. Single status certificate (if any)
    2. For your partner:
      1. Passport or Identity Card (e.g. Vietnamese passport or Vietnamese ID);
      2. Divorce or Death certificate (if divorced or widowed);
      3. Single status certificate (if any)
  4. Pay the consular fee; equivalent to AUD143. This fee is non-refundable. Fees are payable in Vietnamese Dong by cash or credit card and will vary due to exchange rate fluctuations.
  5. After you pay the fee, your signature will be witnessed by a Consular Officer.
  6. The CNI (in English and Vietnamese) will be available for collection on the following working day from 9:00am – 12:00pm at the Australian Consulate-General upon presentation of your payment receipt. Please select “DOCUMENT COLLECTION” on the ticket kiosk and wait to be called and served.

NOTE: Australian citizens are not required to submit a Statutory Declaration of their marital status / Single Status Certificate to Vietnamese local authorities.

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