Australian Consulate-General
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Long Tan Cross

Long Tan

A long-standing replica of the Long Tan Cross (LTC) marks the site of the Battle of Long Tan (18 August 1966) in Ba Ria-Vung Tau (BRVT) Province, approximately 110 km east of Ho Chi Minh City. The original Cross, which was previously housed at the Dong Nai Museum, is now on display at the Australian War Museum in Canberra after it was gifted by Vietnam in 2017.

Visiting the Long Tan Site

Due to sensitivities regarding the memorial and because it is located on relatively isolated, non-public land, those wishing to visit the site must notify the Dat Do District People’s Committee in writing by fax 3 days in advance of their visit, either individually or through a travel agent.

Local authorities recommend visitors utilise a travel agent as notification should be in Vietnamese language and should include names and passport numbers of visitors, as well as their intended day/time of visits to the site.  For individuals wishing to notify directly, please download a bilingual standard notification form.

The fax number for Dat Do District People’s Committee is:
+84 254 3688 245……. From outside Vietnam
0254 3688 245…………From inside Vietnam

The telephone number is:
+84 254 3688 285.........From outside Vietnam
0254 3688 285..............From inside Vietnam

In recognition of sensitivities associated with the site, visitors should conduct themselves with appropriate decorum and observe the following protocols in order not to jeopardise continued access:

  • No medals or military uniforms to be worn
  • No flags to be raised or displayed
  • No music to be played
  • Any speeches made at the site to be low key and short