Australian Consulate-General
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Application Checklists

Application Checklists 

Please download the relevant checklist and attach it to your application.

Consent to obtain personal information 

Australian citizenship by descent 


Child migration

* Important: please read this Fact Sheet if you are considering adopting a child in Vietnam.

** During the adoption process, the Vietnamese authorities will ask you to provide a ‘to whom it may concern expatriate adoption letter’. To obtain this please email with a copy of the biopage of your passport and your postal address. The Consulate will send you a ‘to whom it may concern’ letter to give to the Vietnamese authorities. Please note that the letter is not related to the subsequent process of obtaining an Australian visa for the child, and in no way guarantees what the visa decision might be.

Partner migration
Resident Return
Other Family

Student and Student Guardian visas

* Declaration of Access to Funds for Family Members-576-Dependent

Visitor visas

Last updated 07 January 2016